One-to-one healing therapies:

For the Body....

Personal training for:  injury recovery,   if you are new to exercise,  if you have medical limitations affecting exercise.

Ideal for anyone returning to fitness after injury or with a need to fit their fitness around a busy and demanding lifestyle.  In yoga, one to one training is invaluable if you want to push yourself further than the Asanas group level class can safely provide.  Contact Holistic Fitness direct to discuss a programme.  

Bowen Therapy

Relief from back and joint pains, sinus pain, rheumatic pain - injury recovery and much more including ADHD, hormonal imbalances and nervous system imbalances.  Check out Bowen therapy on the internet to find out more about this remarkable and wide ranging treatment. Contact Holistic Fitness direct to discuss a course of treatment.  

For the Mind....

Yogic life coaching 

For the ultimate in life-balance coaching, yogic life coaching helps you discover the real you; to find, understand and commit to what is important to you from your physical health to your dreams and aspirations and your happiness. Contact Holistic Fitness direct to discuss a programme.


Hypnotherapy is not hypnosis – you will be awake and aware of your experience and able to become fully alert whenever you need or want to.  Sometimes the real cause of our problems becomes lost to the conscious mind either because it was many years ago or because the mind does not want to remember a traumatic event.  Hypnotherapy just helps you find the cause of behaviour you might want to change then you decide if you want to change by letting go of the original problem.  Hypnotherapy can be used to address specific issues ranging from smoking cessation to phobia removal to confidence building, I specialise in anger and anxiety release. Contact Holistic Fitness direct to discuss a programme.