About your teacher:

Practising Yoga since childhood

Most children are naturally flexible and move easily but I was not at all like that.  As a child my joints were unusually stiff and tight and often swollen and painful when moved.  Instead of the painkillers and bed rest often prescribed in the 70s, my doctor recommended YOGA.  So from the age of nine yoga and whole body movement exercise became part of my life.  Knowing how effective it is I have continued to practice yoga for over 40 years and have been teaching for over 25 years. I studied Iyengar Yoga in the 80s then completed my first teacher training course with BSY.  I later completed a Yoga Alliance recognised 200hr teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and most recently the 500hr advanced teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga at Sampoorna in India.

What else

Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is an attitude to life and well-being.  I believe humans are meant to be happy and live free from the fear of emotional and physical pain.  I have spent my life studying many holistic therapies and specialising in the ones I found really work; these include Bowen Therapy, NLP and TimeLine Therapy.


To understand more about health and the body, I studied Medical Science at University and graduated with an Honours Degree in BioMedical Science. In addition to yoga studies I have completed a two year Pilates Diploma (Level 3) and an extensive 2 year Personal Trainer and Fitness training diploma with Future Fit Training including the UK's Exercise Referral programme qualifying me to work with clients who have moderate and chronic medical conditions.

The Holistic Approach - Body - Bowen

Finding it frustrating that some areas of muscular pain did not respond to exercise alone I wanted to know more about helping people in physical pain.  I found the Bowen technique perfect and incredibly effective for treating a range of muscular and joint problems as well as many other health issues.  Initially planning to only complete the basic practitioner level, I was so impressed by the results I completed the the full Level 5 graduate certification programme with the College of Bowen Studies to become a Certified Bowen Practitioner.

The Holistic Approach - Mind - NLP

Yoga philosophy teaches that Yoga can help us to get in touch with our deeper emotions and issues but to release them you still need to find a way to heal completely - and years of practising yoga showed me that meditation alone does not always cure deep emotional issues and limiting beliefs. Having studied lots of self-help techniques, tried counselling and courses to improve self esteem (none of which worked) I discovered NLP and Time Line Therapy.  Wow - one session and my depression was gone permanently - that was 10 years ago and still hasn't come back.  I wanted to know more and help others with these amazing techniques and I am now a internationally qualified and experienced Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), TimeLine Therapy and Life Coaching.